After testing and trying a lot of Ghees in the market this is truly an authentic and amazing Ghee. Flavorful and reminds me of home.

Hitesh, NJ

Very hard to find such a quality product (COW GHEE) here in the USA, which is so pure and fresh. Can taste the difference as soon as we opened the pack.

Rita, CA

These are "The Real Peppercorns". Stop buying from your corner store, try these once and it will convert you to VedicNutrition forever

Jennifer, OH

About US

VedicNutrition was started in our basement 2 years back. In our oversees trips to India and other southeast Asian countries we realized that the key difference to any food was because of the ingredients: where they are grown, how they are grown and how are they taken care of. What we were buying from local corner stores was just mass produced items which mimic taste to satisfy hunger.

Soon we began our quest to partner with small farmers, home based entrepreneurs (mostly women) who grow or make authentic spices, food items to bring them to "THE FOODIES AND CONNOSIEURS" across the world.

We ensure that our partners are using fair trade, natural farming methods, traditional vedic and ancestral methods. While our products are 100% natural and made using organic methods, our farmers are too small to be able to afford the very expensive Organic certification.

Our mission is to bring the REAL INDIAN FOOD to CONNOSIEURS while doing our bit to uplift the small farmers, women entrepreneurs, villages and preserve our heritage.