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Our Dal is sourced directly from the fields in Gulbarga. It is unpolished for its raw and natural taste for which its known the world over.

The ‘Gulbarga tur dal’ (Kalaburagi red gram), renowned for its superior quality the world over, received Geographical Indication (GI) tag from the Government of India recently.

The high calcium and potassium content of the soil in Gulbarga tur dal-growing region has been one of the major factors for its superior quality. According to soil test reports Kalaburagi soil contains 3.6 g/100g calcium and 0.1 g/100g potassium.

The other test parameters include volume, grain weight after cooking, leachable solid per cent, texture, appearance, color, flavor, taste, and smell. The tur dal has a good taste and aroma compared to that grown elsewhere. It also takes less time to cook.